What's happening at Smeads Pub? What's coming up next? 

Glad you asked.

Check out all our upcoming events here... Taco Tuesday, Live Music, Charity Events, Holidays, and even the occasional birthday or two...


07aug2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

07aug8:00 pm11:59 pmJam Night

11aug2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

12aug2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

13aug2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

14aug2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

18aug2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

19aug2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

20aug2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

21aug2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

25aug2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

26aug2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

27aug2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

27aug2:00 pm11:30 pmPrime Rib Night

28aug2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays


01sep2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

02sep2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

03sep2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

04sep2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

04sep8:00 pm11:59 pmJam Night

08sep2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

09sep2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

10sep2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

11sep2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

15sep2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

16sep2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

17sep2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

18sep2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

22sep2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

23sep2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

24sep2:00 pm11:30 pmSlide into Thursdays

24sep2:00 pm11:30 pmPrime Rib Night

25sep2:00 pm2:00 amFish Fridays

29sep2:00 pm11:30 pmTaco Tuesday

30sep2:00 pm11:30 pmWing Wednesday

What are you waiting for? Get down here.