Experience The Ultimate Upper End Dive Bar

Behind the bar and in front of it, Smeads Pub willingly stands toe-to-toe with any establishment up and down the Mighty Columbia River.


Simple. Smeads is the local go-to neighborhood bar. We offer not only a full-service bar, but also twenty taps of popular beers. Combined with daily happy hour specials, karaoke, live bands, a stylish outdoor beer garden area and awesomely fun themed festivity nights, Smeads Pub really does have something for everyone.

Live music, Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Wings, Throwback Thursday, karaoke nights, Oktoberfest, prime rib nights, a fantastic beer garden - we pride ourselves on providing our patrons with great food and service while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is sure to please.

Opened in 1931 in this very location by Tom and Clara Smead, Smeads Pub is not only the finest Upper End Dive Bar Experience in Washougal, but anywhere along the Columbia Gorge.

Don't believe us?

Come on in and find out for yourself.

Smeads Menu Highlights

In addition to our awesome regular menu, we have a rotating cast of specials

Mom's Homemade Monday Night Meal

From chicken fried steak to slow-cooked pork, the weekly specials change, but not the dedication to making it feel like home. $12, from 2-8. Every Monday.

Tightwad Tuesdays

Two tacos for $1. Tall boys for $2. Chips and queso for $3. Cheesy quesadillas for $4. Queso nacho for $5. Margarita fresh fruit choices for $6. See the pattern, cheapskate? From 1 pm to 6 pm. Every Tuesday.

Wine & Wing Wednesdays

Six wings for $5, wine for $4.50 a glass. Every Wednesday. All. Day. Long.

Thankful Thursdays

Join us in giving back. Smeads will donate 5% of the revenue for the day PLUS our customer's contributions to a variety of rotating charities or local businesses who work to make our community a better place.

Oh, and the food? We've got Gourmet Hotdogs for $6 and microbrews for $4.5. You guessed it - all day long.

Fish Fridays

Halibut fish tacos: 2/$14. Fish & chips basket: $15. Add a cup of homemade clam chowder for $2, or have the chowder by itself: $3.5 for a cup, 4.25 for a bowl. Every Friday. (...all day long...)

Breakfast Saturdays (and Karaoke)

From 9 am - 12:30 pm - Breakfast meals for $10 or less, kids eat for $5. Yup, that's right, kid's breakfasts for $5.

From 8.30 pm - 11:30 pm get your Karaoke on.

Breakfast Sundays (and Special Events)

If you miss Breakfast Saturdays, we've got your back. Once again, from 9 am - 12:30 pm - Breakfast meals for $10 or less, kids eat for $5.

Special Events TBA, so check our Facebook or keep coming back here.

What's happening at Smeads? Glad you asked...

What's on tap for Smeads Pub upcoming events? Check it out right here.

28oct2:00 pm11:59 pmThankful Thursdays

29oct2:00 pm11:59 pmFish Fridays

29oct8:30 pm11:30 pmLive Music: Three for Silver

30oct9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Saturdays

30oct8:30 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Saturdays

31oct9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Sundays

31oct9:00 am1:00 pmKids Halloween BreakfastMonster Breakfast $5, all kids receive a cookie decorating kit, a candy bag, and participate in the costume contest!

02nov1:00 pm11:50 pmTightwad Tuesdays

03nov2:00 pm11:50 pmWine & Wing Wednesdays

04nov2:00 pm11:59 pmThankful Thursdays

05nov2:00 pm11:59 pmFish Fridays

06nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Saturdays

06nov8:30 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Saturdays

07nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Sundays

09nov1:00 pm11:50 pmTightwad Tuesdays

10nov2:00 pm11:50 pmWine & Wing Wednesdays

11nov2:00 pm11:59 pmThankful Thursdays

12nov2:00 pm11:59 pmFish Fridays

13nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Saturdays

13nov8:30 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Saturdays

14nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Sundays

16nov1:00 pm11:50 pmTightwad Tuesdays

17nov2:00 pm11:50 pmWine & Wing Wednesdays

18nov2:00 pm11:59 pmThankful Thursdays

19nov2:00 pm11:59 pmFish Fridays

20nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Saturdays

20nov8:30 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Saturdays

21nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Sundays

23nov1:00 pm11:50 pmTightwad Tuesdays

24nov2:00 pm11:50 pmWine & Wing Wednesdays

25nov2:00 pm11:59 pmThankful Thursdays

26nov2:00 pm11:59 pmFish Fridays

27nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Saturdays

27nov8:30 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Saturdays

28nov9:00 am12:30 pmBreakfast Sundays

30nov1:00 pm11:50 pmTightwad Tuesdays

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