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Bring On October Specials!
Posted By Smeads Pub / Sep, 22

Bring On October! We're starting fantastic drinks specials : $2.25 Domestics and $3.25 Wells at 4pm - 6pm, this October 1st. Along with our Old School Happy Hour Menu with $3 dollar specials, and we'll be serving our classic homemade soup and 1/2 sandwich for $6.50.
Falls here so grab a beer, enjoy our warm & cozy pub with friends!

Tomorrow is the Washougal School's Fundraiser @ Smeads Pub
Posted By Smeads Pub / Aug, 17

Tomorrow is the Washougal School's Fundraiser @ Smeads Pub. Come enjoy an awesome BBQ, Drink Specials and music by Wildcard for a great cause.

Admission Is School Supplies.
* Backpacks, * 12 Count colored pencils, * 16 / 24 pack Crayola crayons, * 2 pocket folders ( Pee-chees ) , * Wired Wide Rule writing books, * Wide Narrow Rule ( college rule ) writing books, * Elmers Glue sticks, * Elmers Mid size bottle ( No Elmers School Glue ) * Pink Erasers, * Rulers, *Pencils #2, * Pencil Boxes, * Compostion Books, * Children’s Fiskar Scissors, * Facial Tissue, * Zip Loc Bags, * Hand Wipes, * Snacks : Graham Crackers, Fish Crackers, Wheat Thins, Ritz Crackers, Cheese Nips, Trail Mix, ( No cookies or candy ) 
Please bring unopened items, * Boys & Girls underwear sizes 4-12

Washougal Schools Fundraiser
Posted By Smeads Pub / Aug, 11

We’re counting down to our Washougal Schools Fundraiser, to help our kids get the supplies they need! Don't miss out on a delicious BBQ, Bucket of Drink Specials and Live Music in our Beer Garden, August 18th, SAT 4PM - 7PM.

* Note we're collecting items at the bar thru August 20th.

Fish Friday!
Posted By Smeads Pub / Aug, 02

Hello Smeads patrons,

we’re adding something new to your weekly appetite, Fish Friday!

Halibut fish and chips with homemade clam chowder for $14
Trio shrimp platter with homemade clam chowder and hush puppies for $15
Come down to Smeads pub and try our new weekly special!

We’re bringing Ladies Night to Smeads pub.
Posted By Smeads Pub / Aug, 02

We’re bringing Ladies Night to Smeads pub.

Starting Wednesday August 8th from 8:30pm to 11:30pm food and drink specials with a nighty give away prize!

Bring your girlfriends, leave your worries and enjoy your night out!

Washougal Schools fundraiser
Posted By Smeads Pub / Aug, 02

Important Message :

We’re throwing a Washougal Schools fundraiser on Saturday August 18th 4-7pm in the beer garden,
we’re Giving our patrons and newcomers a BBQ meal for $10,  bucket of beer specials and Live music by Wild Card.

Admission is school supplies and we’re collecting items at the bar thru August 20th.

* Kimber and David will be making a $500 donation and 50 backpacks to the Washougal Schools Foundation.

Come join us for great food, drinks and entertainment to help fundraise our Washougal schools.


We’re canceling our traditional Prime Rib dinner for tomorrow
Posted By Smeads Pub / May, 30

Breaking News! we’re canceling our traditional Prime Rib dinner for tomorrow, and we’re replacing it with ;
- Prime Rib French Dip Sandwiches, choice of Pub chips or fries. 
- Also serving our Prime Rib Philly Steak with choice of Pub chip or Fries.
- Deserts $3, Mud Pie, Cheese Cake or Lemon Bars.

We’re excited to see you here, from the friendly staff at Smeads Pub!

“Enough is Enough”
Posted By Smeads Pub / May, 10

It has been one heck of a week! And at the end, Smeads will overcome the adversity. With that said I want to thank the many people who helped David and me with a very trying and difficult set of circumstances these past several months. There have been many issues plaguing our business for quite some time and we thought we had removed the problems and were back on track. Unfortunately, we quickly realized we had barely scratched the surface and found ourselves involved in an even worse web of continued revenue losses, back stabbing, and the most disturbing in-house tension we have ever encountered in our near eleven years of ownership. Through the recent help from friends, family, and three bar owners taking the time to serve as undercover patrons, the many hours of help from our POS services provider, and our amazing accountant, it was all there in black and white.

The situation had to be addressed and changes needed to be made immediately to ensure our business was back to operating efficiently, and profitably. My husband and I called individuals out and I mistakenly gave them the opportunity to own it, apologize for it, change it and move forward. In retaliation, people chose to not show for their regularly scheduled shifts. We survived with the help of hard working employees, a good friend who came out to help behind the bar, and most appreciated were the very patient and understanding patrons. I have said this over and over, and I will say it again… It is a business and my livelihood, thus when employees lose sight of that, repercussions must occur quickly. I did not wake up one day, decide to create ridiculous stories, and select a few employees to pick on! Furthermore, I am disgusted by those of you who feel I should embrace revenue losses; accept the utter disrespect, tolerate the failure of certain individuals to NOT do the job they were hired for, and continue to allow a hostile environment to ensue.

My husband and I believe in open discussions and addressing matters as a group, we do not believe in micro managing, as we feel comfortable in trusting our adult employees to perform their paid positions to the best of their abilities, and we work hard and expect the same from those we employ. We have always been more than generous, fair, and very giving to all our employees and we do not deserve the copious amounts of disrespect and contempt we have so recently encountered. Regrettably, this has been an ongoing investigation for quite some time and although the outcome is a difficult one to accept, it does not change the facts and we will always protect our business. I am a person as much as I am a business owner. I have two children attending college, and a grandchild to always be considering. I too, have a family, and it is essential to remember that my husband and I are people doing the best that we can to take care of our family and our obligations just like anyone else.

As a result, I am quite done with this high-school drama, and will not address it again as there is nothing positive to come from doing so. I am currently conducting working interviews and have hired one highly capable and very friendly individual, and will be hiring two more in the coming weeks. Business will continue at Smeads and we will thrive with all the new energy and enthusiasm created by the addition of new people to our team. Our crew has been instructed to not dwell on the departure of these disgruntled employees as it is in the past and we look forward to our great future with our new and improved team and hope that as our valued patrons you will join us!

Thank You,
David and Kimber

Celebration of Life “Ferg”
Posted By Smeads Pub / Apr, 25

Celebration of Life
February 14, 1948 - November 6, 2017

Please Come join us to celebrate the life of Milton H Ferguson aka “Fergy”.

Ferg had always insisted that his family and friends get together and just have a big party when he is gone.

This will take place at : The Camas Wildlife League
811 Leadbetter Road, Camas, WA 98607

On : May 26th 2018
At : 1:00 pm

Family, Ferg and his Military flag will arrive and escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders followed by a special service where he will be honored for his service in the Army. We will follow with food and fun! Please bring a dish for our potluck gathering if you can!

See you there!

Sue Ferguson 360-600-8661
Sylvia Swiger 360-524-5694

Special Announcement for breakfast lovers!
Posted By Smeads Pub / Apr, 11

Special Announcement for breakfast lovers!

Breakfast temporarily will not be served after hours (2am to 6am). But will return at 6:30AM on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for understanding!

Posted By Smeads Pub / Apr, 09

It’s time to unveil...Drum roll please...our brand new bathrooms! Everything in our bathrooms have been updated, redone, and remodeled for your restroom needs. Come down to Smeads Pub and see the transformation for yourself.

There is No breakfast on Sunday and the bar will open at 11:30am.
Posted By Smeads Pub / Apr, 01
our line of apparel!
Posted By Smeads Pub / Apr, 01

Hey guys, our line of apparel has FINALLY arrived!
We have brand new t-shirts and sweaters for everyone who wants to share the love, and celebrate the good times at Smeads Pub.
Come on in and get yours today!

On Monday the parking lot is going to be excavated
Posted By Smeads Pub / Mar, 22

On Monday the parking lot is going to be excavated to make way for our new and improved lot. Any cars left in the parking area will be towed. We're excited to improve our parking experience for everyone, thank you for your patience.

No one should tolerate employee theft.
Posted By Smeads Pub / Mar, 19

I feel strongly compelled to address a recent situation in which I had the misfortune to experience employee theft, and a complete disregard for operational duties that inevitably resulted in copious amounts of lost revenue. I am currently aiming to provide essential information to other small-business owners near or far, and potentially caution them in a timely manner, and thus avoid lost earnings on behalf of this individual’s incomprehensible negligence. Furthermore, I would strongly urge dedicated customers who are present to such unlawful behavior of any employee to report them immediately to management or owner, whether this is in person or anonymously.

Recently, I terminated employment of an individual who admitted to stealing money, falsifying their time card, and purposely disregarding established daily operational procedures. As I write this letter, with countless hours of my time invested in preparing required documentation and money paid to consult with an employment disputes attorney, I am now being forced by our State to pay the amount this former employee embezzled because of two issues;

First, an employer must have an employee sign a document that details the reasons for immediate termination even if it is stealing, as our government apparently lacks occasional common-sense.

Second, the employer must call 911 to report the theft, despite the amount, and file criminal charges.

Communication (pertaining to verbal agreements with employees) is not permissible per the Labor of Industries rules and regulations, and therefore, if you do not follow these two procedures you will not be able to deduct from their final pay, and you will also be paying them the stolen revenues, validating not only their criminal behavior, but also empowering them to continue to prey upon their customers and their employers.

I am disappointed in myself for not recognizing the warning signs early on, as I have officially concluded that the theft went on for an obnoxious period of time. It is beyond difficult when you work side-by-side within a small crew (and of course, befriend your employees), to imagine that a long-time friend would orchestrate this type of prolonged betrayal.

I once considered this person a friend, whom I viewed as a notable individual, and an exceptional mother of young children. I went so far as entrusting them enough to care for my only grandchild, only to have this type of humiliation thrown in my face. Unfortunately, my friendship and my business were greatly compromised and I paid a considerable price, both financially and emotionally.

Smeads Pub has not, and will never tolerate this type of criminal behavior, and in the future will pursue these matters to the fullest extent of the state and federal law.  As a community Pub in Washougal, we understand that mistakes occur. However, this particular incident was calculated, premeditated, and was committed with malice.

I hope this information will be of assistance to other small business-owners so you will not suffer this same injustice. As for the individual, you will never again be welcome in my establishment, or my life.

Thank You,


ATTN: All Smeads Patrons
Posted By Smeads Admin / Nov, 16

It has been brought to the attention of Smeads Pub Management that there has been the smoking of marijuana within or on the premise of Smeads Pub.


RCW 70.160.030 –

“No person may smoke in a public place or in any place of employment.”

RCW 70.160.070 –

“Any person intentionally violating this chapter by smoking in a public place or place of employment, or any person removing, defacing, or destroying a sign required by this chapter, is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars.”


Make Note –

“When violations of RCW 70.160.050 occur, a warning shall first be given to the owner or other person in charge. Any subsequent violation is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars. Each day upon which a violation occurs or is permitted to continue constitutes a separate violation.”

We will not pay for your poor choices, and we will be forced to call law enforcement should you find it difficult to follow these laws.

Thank you.

- Smeads Pub Management

Halloween Party
Halloween Party Update...
Posted By Smeads Admin / Oct, 21

Come have your fortune read by a gypsy, join us for charades and Hanky Panky games. Tell us your scariest Halloween story! Win prizes, enjoy great Halloween drinks and of course Karaoke with Mark.

Fight Like A Girl for Kori…
Posted By Smeads Admin / Aug, 30

Smeads would like to thank all of the generous businesses and individuals, who donated a wonderful assortment of gift contributions that raised $5518.00 for Kori’s fight.

We would also like to present special appreciation to our many volunteers, whose charitable efforts made this event so very successful. Last but not least, we thank our valued patrons for your participation in support of this amazing event.

This Auction can't be silent
Posted By Smeads Admin / Aug, 09

This Auction can't be silent, we have a list of special items so don't be shy to shoutout or raise your hand on the 12th.

We have ;
- A Smeads Basket, this includes sunglasses, 
shot glasses, koozies, frisbee, micro beers, 
and a bottle of Fireball with a $10 gift card

- Out door furniture ready for your finish.
- Organic soap basket, for those who like to stay fresh.
- Car wash basket with a Washougal Car Wash Gift card.
- Dog basket with all the goods and a $25 Petco gift card.
- Bigfoot Inn Lunch box with a $20 gift card.
- 8 hour fishing trip for TWO from Steve's guided Adventure.

Also everyone who participates will receive a pink ribbon for your donation.

Big thank you to everyone whose donating to Kori's fight -
David and Kimber, River Road Soap Company, The Washougal Carwash, Petco - Vancvr Mill Pln, Bigfoot Inn, and Steves Guided Adventures


Smead's Website LAUNCH!
Posted By Smeads Admin / Aug, 08

Welcome to the official launch of the new Smeads Pub website! We’ve created a place for Smead goers to explore our online menu, follow upcoming events, and get the latest news and deals! You can also signup for our newsletter so you’ll never miss out on our weekly events.

We wanted to revamp our website so our patrons can stay better connected, keep up on upcoming events and make it easier to plan your next big celebration at Smeads.

Explore the site to learn more about the history of smead’s pub and meet the people who make Smeads what it is today.

So this weekend come on down to Smeads to eat, drink, sing, play and dance at the ultimate upper end dive bar experience! Here in Washougal, WA.

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